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I built my career in the film industry by carving out my own path. My goal has always been to create content, and do what it takes to accomplish that. I started off by establishing my own production company where myself and a few employees would film real estate videos, wedding videos, and commercials for local businesses. To get my first jobs I literally knocked on businesses doors until we found work. Within a year we we had a team of three people working full time on various small productions. I myself would often operate cameras, carry equipment, set up lights, and edit the videos.


Around 2016 I began transitioning into producing fewer, but larger projects instead of many small videos. Rather than competing with other film crews and production companies, I began reaching out to them and joined them by providing value to their projects while learning from every opportunity I could find. I'm truly blessed to have worked with and built close relationships with some of the most talented creatives in the industry from both client side and production side which has given me an advantage in network, knowledge, and experience. 

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