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I am the owner of Wayward Casting and I also operate as a freelance casting director that works on both union and non-union productions. I have had the pleasure to work as a casting director for various brands and agencies. My services include background casting and principal casting. I work with each production's individual needs which can be anything from needing to cast 50+ extras on a short notice, setting up casting calls and auditions either digital or in-person, and/or establishing contact with well known talent and their agents while working with the production to create an offer and close a deal. I also love casting non-actors for specific projects, finding real people in the community and recruiting them.

Beyond finding the right talent, I make sure they come prepared and ready. It can be stressful for a director or producer to manage dozens of people with individual needs once they are booked. I proudly own that process and am often the point of contact of various people so creatives can focus on other tasks. Some productions require work permits, special release forms, contracts or unique SAG requirements which I will acquire and make sure we are in compliance with.

When I cast for any production, the key is making a connection with the director and the producers creatively to provide the best possible candidates and adjust to what works for them. I rely on my ability to reach large numbers of people, my strong and personable relationships with reputable talent and model agencies, and my tenacity to not stop searching until perfection as the key to my success as a casting director for over 7 years.

Below are productions that I have provided my casting services for.

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